Hey, I ‘m Sonja    

As a mentor and expert in dog behavior, I help empathetic dog owners understand their furry friend better.

I show them ways out of stress, so they can get back into a happy and fulfilling relationship with each other.

What if

you could understand what your faithful companion is trying to tell you with her/his behavior?

And what if

you could find a mindful way to help her/him?

Without bending her/him.

Without forcing commands.

Without manipulations.

Start your journey together to:

improved communication!

more mutual trust!

a deeper bond!

and more relaxation and joy in everyday life!

How I can support you

Sonja Vargas - Mindfulness & Dogs - Achtsame Hundeverhaltensberatung - Reise (2)



3 holistic individual consultations
Find the mindful way to help your dog. Learn to understand your dog's behaviour and build the basis for a relaxed and fulfilling relationship.

Mindful Relaxation

6 holistic individual consultations

Learn to understand the expressive behavior of your furry friend and find out the cause of her/his undesired behavior. You will learn how to introduce more relaxation into your daily life.

Mindful Connection

12 holistic individual consultations

Begin your journey to a deep connection with your soul dog. You will learn the cause of her/his behavior and what your behavior has to do with his. Together you'll gain more serenity and joy in your daily life.

I am Sonja Vargas

My greatest wish for you as a dog owner is, to better understand your furry friend.

As a mindful dog behavior consultant and therapist, I will join you on your journey to a relaxed relationship and a deep connection, so you can live your life again with ease and joy in all situations.


We live in Hamburg, the most dog-friendly city in Germany. So it was no surprise that we started thinking more and more about getting our own dog. 

When the decision was made, we didn't know how and where we could find a suitable dog and what we had to consider when choosing one. As a person not knowing much about dogs, you are often guided by the appearance of the dog. When I turned to Sonja, I felt much more confident. Her individual and attentive approach and her great knowledge of dogs were a very valuable support. Thanks to her, we have found our absolute dream dog and can highly recommend her!

Clara and Hanna with Zoë


We have had the problem for a while that our dog would not let us take her on the leash to go for a walk. She always ran away and hid under the table or our couch and sometimes even growled at us. She barked like crazy at dog encounters and passing motorbikes or cars and it got worse and worse. Then we turned to Sonja. What was special about her counselling was, that she not only paid attention to my dog, but also to me. I learned to self-reflect and become calmer in the challenging situations, which immediately transferred to my dog and provided her security. Thanks to the helpful training instructions, we are both now much more relaxed and confident. I have learned how to read my dog and offer her safety in uncomfortable situations. A heartfelt recommendation for everyone who wants to have more relaxation and joy with their dog again.

Kanta with Mila

Bad Vilbel

Let’s keep in touch

and learn more about mindfulness and relaxation and how you can bring it into your everyday life with your furry friend.

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