I am Sonja Vargas.

Mindful dog behavior consultant and therapist.

Always a great dog lover.

And a globetrotter. 

I live with my husband, our little daughter and our Appenzeller Bernese Mountain Dog Nala in the region of the Taunus, near Frankfurt am Main, in Germany.

I would like to accompany you and your dog on your journey to a relaxed relationship and deep connection.

So that you can enjoy your life with ease and joy again.

Since you're on my site right now,

the following thoughts probably sound familiar..

You have finally fulfilled your dream of having your own dog. 

If you're honest, your everyday life is far from a dream. In fact, it is so limited that you feel helpless and overwhelmed.

Your dog shows behaviors that you can't understand. Maybe SHE/he is fearful or aggressive. 

And everyday situations, like walks or visits to your home, become a great stress for you and your dog.

You love your furry companion more than anything, you don't want to give HER/him away again. 

You want nothing more than relaxation and joy for you and your dog.

You are in the right place if you...

...want to understand the behavior of your furry friend with all your heart.

...you want a harmonious life together, in which the needs of your best friend, as well as your own needs, have a place.

...you are looking for someone who recognizes your characteristics and strengths, as well as those of your soul dog and who, on this basis, will work with you to find individual solutions to your challenges.

I understand all these thoughts and wishes very well!

I was also quite overwhelmed and frustrated, when my dog Nala suddenly showed behaviors, that I could not understand at all. After a long journey and some detours ,we finally found solutions to our problems.

Most importantly, we found a way into an appreciative and equal relationship with each other. 

Mindfulness played a big role in this.


...by the way, was not always a big focus in my life. Quite the opposite. As a little sister to 3 older brothers, I learned to be strong. I became a fighter and learned to succeed with effort and discipline to be able to achieve anything, like living my dream in New Zealand and Australia. It seemed like I had everything under control and could enjoy my life to the fullest on the other side of the world.

Until the day where everything changed.

 I was in a car accident through no fault of my own. Followed by a difficult and painful time with an odyssey of doctor visits. I felt helpless, as the pain and external pressure increased over time and got worse and worse. All therapies failed to be successful. And I felt guilty. Because no one could see my suffering from the outside.

I came to a meditation course,

because I was completely desperate. 

I - who had never had anything to do with mindfulness or meditation before - was suddenly sitting on the beach in Sydney. And listened to the voice of my meditation teacher, Melli O'Brien. I let myself go with it, and was finally able to calm down and relax. My meditation practice helped me to switch off and caused my pain to become more and more bearable.

Most importantly, I learned to accept what had happened. I learned that I was not to blame and that there was no need to hide.

 I also became aware that difficult situations in our lives do not happen by chance and that we can grow from them.

When I came back from Australia,

I listened to my inner voice and fulfilled my long

long desired wish for my own dog: In March 2015, 11-week-old Nala moved in.

What started out as the fulfillment of my big dream, quickly turned into a big stress. I noticed relatively early, that my dog is very sensitive and insecure. She suddenly started growling and barking at people when she turned about 1 year.

Again, I got into a situation

that made me very uncomfortable. I was ashamed of her behavior and saw only the many happy neighbor dogs, who were completely relaxed in such situations. I wanted nothing more, than to understand this behavior and help her. So, I sought professional help.

We were suggested a method that felt terrible for Nala and for me. My gut feeling at that time already told me, that it could not be our way.

I wanted to understand Nala and help her. In our own way.

I was sure there was a better way to respond individually to my faithful companion. So, I decided to study dog behavior counseling and dog behavior therapy at the Academy for Animal Naturopathy (ATN) in Switzerland.

That changed everything! 

My relationship with Nala.

And my life.

Today, it is my heart's desire

to pass on all that I have learned and experienced to other dog owners.

There is a way out of helplessness and stress.

A way to a relaxed and understanding relationship and a deep connection.

I am happy to be at your side to walk this path with you and your soul dog.