Individual 1:1 Mentoring

on site /

online via ZOOM 

I help you to better understand the behaviors of your soul dog and accompany you on your journey to a mindful relationship and relaxed everyday life (adapted to your life situation). 

Guaranteed in a way, that you both feel comfortable and can have fun, despite all seriousness.

Without oppressive or manipulative methods.

The dream to find your soul dog 

has come true, but your everyday life turns out to be super exhausting.

She/He suddenly shows unwanted behavior, which is getting worse and worse.

Maybe she/he is fearful or insecure.

Or she/he growls and barks at people, passing cars or bikes.

You were looking forward to relaxed walks. But the leash is tense most of the time and to let him run free is far from reality.

Meeting other dogs are often difficult and you feel, you can no longer trust your furry friend.

Receiving visitors at home turns into pure stress.

You feel disappointed and desperate. 

You biggest wish is to understand your dog. You want to help her/him, take away her/his insecurities and fears.

You ask yourself all the time:

"What can I do?"

You've tried a lot of things,

maybe even got professional support, but felt uncomfortable with the method you were suggested to use or it didn't help.

I know this feeling.

Unfortunately, I have also had made those experiences. But I also experienced what it is like to come out of it.

Hi, I am Sonja

As your mindful mentor and dog behavior expert, I help you understand the needs of your furry friend.

I'll show you ways and solutions to help you to become into a fulfilling and happy relationship with your dog.

No longer just function and bend.

Instead, understand the behavior of your furry friend, accept her/his personality and respond to in a needs-oriented and appreciative way.

No more forcing commands and bending your darling,

but true communication and relationship at eye level.

No more disappointment, frustration and hopelessness.

Instead, a holistic way to more ease and joy with your faithful companion.

I am looking forward joining you on this wonderful journey to a deeper connection with your furry friend.

Are you ready to go new ways with your dog?

Work with me

on site /

 online via ZOOM

Mindful Basis

3 holistic individual consultations via ZOOM

  • 3 video analyses
  • Email/WhatsApp support throughout the mentoring process
  • Sending of recordings of our video calls

3x 45 min / 450 €

Mindful relaxation

6 holistic individual consultations via ZOOM

  • 6 video analyses 
  • Email/WhatsApp support throughout the mentoring process
  • Sending of recordings of our video calls

6x 45 min / 850 €

Mindful Connection

12 holistic individual consultations via ZOOM

  • 12 video analyses 
  • Email/WhatsApp support throughout the mentoring process
  • Sending of the recordings of our video calls
  • Workbook relaxation exercises for you and your furry love

12x 45 min

Sonja Vargas Entspannunsspaziergang mit Hund im Wald

Mindful DOG WALK

Relaxation walk with your dog in a small group

I invite you and your dog on a mindful walk and show you how this walk can transform from a chore to your little time-out easily adaptable in your everyday life.

  • Next date: Send me an email
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Meeting point: near Oberursel, Taunus (exact location will be emailed to you after booking shortly before the date)
  • Incl. audio relaxation ritual with your dog to do at home 

1x 45 min / 30 € 

Sonja Vargas mit Hund auf der Wiese sitzend Souldog

Mindful Souldog

Individual mentoring via video call (ZOOM) 

You have decided to fulfil your dream of a dog and are unsure how to find your soul dog. You're faced with a mountain of questions and don't quite know whether to go by looks.

  • Should it be a mixed breed or purebred dog?
  • A puppy or an adult dog?
  • From an animal welfare organization or breeder?
  • What do I need to prepare and know before the dog moves in?

You will learn which factors are important to find your dream dog and I will guide you through the entire selection process.

45 min

Find your individual way 

to more ease and joy,

to be able to enjoy life together again, as you have wished for from the start.

Let your dream of a

harmonious relationship with fun

come true.

We will be a good fit, if… value friendly and respectful interaction with your furry friend are willing to consider your dog's needs are curious to learn more about body language and learning behavior of dogs

...your faithful companion is part of the family and you accept his/her individual personality with her/his emotions. You want to understand her/his individual needs on you and her/his environment

WE WILL not BE A  good FIT, IF…

...your dog should just function, without taking his needs into consideration want to use pain, fright stimuli or other manipulative methods when handling and training with him/her are not open to change and self-reflect are not interested in learning are not willing to invest time in training

What are the next steps?

Book a free and non-binding get-to-know-each other call on calendly.

You will receive an email confirmation with a link to our video call via ZOOM.

If you decide to work with me after our meeting, you will book an appointment online and receive a questionnaire plus the link for our next meeting (ZOOM or on-site) with the confirmation.

Before our first meeting, you will send me the completed questionnaire over for me to prepare for our conversation in the best possible way.

We will meet in a video call via ZOOM or on site.

Afterwards, you will receive the recording of our conversation or the video with the training sequences from our F2F meeting and you can practice the suggested exercises until our next appointment. You can contact me via email or Whatsapp, if any questions arise in the meantime.

I'm already looking forward to meeting you and your furry friend! 

And I am sure, that we will find a suitable way to bring more relaxation and mindfulness into your lives.